Here are some miscellaneous links and references for Homeowners... check them out....

For TREES and shrubs please visit the National Arbor Day Foundation.. , a very worthy organization that encourages the planting of trees everywhere and is a good source of trees and shrubs (they are very small, but very cheap, but with just a little TLC they GROW, even for me! Please join and you will receive free trees AND help them plant a tree somewhere else! See this site for tree selection, planting, mulch, pruning tips. Better homes and gardens  Build, remodel or repair it, outdoors, "be frugal". Its all here. This site contains extensive information about home design and the latest products available. All about tools, design and product ideas... find the ideas and then find advice, design ideas, even improvement job cost estimator (I don't know if its accurate at all!). Find your ideas here, but check locally for a contractor. Numerous tips and "how to's" for home maintenance and improvement. Lots of great ideas.  More helpful resources... why 10"penny" nails, how many in a pound?. What to do about crabgras  Mooresville based award winning home designer/ builder for new homes and renovatio

Renovators Supply.. A good source of period plumbing, lighting, and various fixtures, (I have been pleased with the items I ordered from there, with good service and quality products in my opinion. on line articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine

building Energy Efficiency and Green Building Solutions for environmental living


US Government Energy Star rating